Any order, which does not require consolidation of multiple parcels is processed free of charge. You only pay for shipping.

To place a free order:

  1. Register on the TotaBox website;
  2. Place your order at any store, which offeres delivery within or to USA (To place an order use your individual assigned US address which can be found on the main page of your personal account);
  3. Add to your personal account information about the expected order;
  4. After receipt of the order to the TotaBox warehouse (you will be notified by email), enter your delivery address and pay for shipping*.

* Shipping fees depends on your chosen shipping method and the weight of the parcel. Use the calculator located on the home page of you personal account to get an instant quote.

This is a frequent question. Indeed, TotaBox offers delivery of goods from online US stores without any mark-ups or hidden fees. And here is why:

  • The basic version of the ordering is free to our customers – you only pay for shipping at a price-rate of the United States postal service. (Within basic version, you can send one package, which doesn’t require a consolidation. There are no limits on the number of items included in this package.)
  • If you want to combine multiple shipments into one to save on shipping, the only difference would be the cost of consolidation that you would need to pay (only $3  per shipment).
  • Additional costs may only arise if you order the extra services (which are strictly optional), such as: Expanded Insurance, Weather Pack, extra packaging for Fragile items, Quality Check or item measurements, shopping assistance, Assisted Orders and so on.
Therefore, you always can order through TotaBox absolutely free – without paying any fees or commissions. However, when you need more, we are always glad to come to your aid.
Your expenses depend on whether you plan to choose “Do-it-yourself” option (Mail Forwarding) or through a manager (Assisted Order).

When placing an Mail Forwarding order, you pay for:
  • consolidation cost, when shipping more than one parcel ($3 per parcel)
  • shipping cost from USA to you (depending on the weight of the order)
* Both item price and the shipping within the United States you pay directly to the store.
When placing an Assisted Order, the total cost is:
  • Item Price + shipping within the United States
  • Processing Fee (25%).
  • shipping cost from USA to you (depending on the weight of the order)
You can use the price tables on our website or register for an instant quote (calculator is located on the homepage of your personal account).
Total delivery time consists of the time of delivery within the United States and the time taken to deliver the goods from the USA to you.
  1. Delivery time within the United States depends on the store and the chosen delivery method. Average delivery within the United States takes 4-5 business days.
  2. Delivery time from the United States to you is approximately 5-10 business days.
In general, it is possible to receive your order within 2-3 weeks.
Size charts are highly dependent on the chosen brand. Usually we recommend using a size chart in that store where you choose items. In many cases, there is a link to size charts on the stores’ website, along the description of the item.

If you are unsure of sizing:
1. You can send an inquiry to the store to get information about the measurements. Here is an example:

I would like to purchase the following item: XXX
Please send me the waist and hips measurements as well as the general length of the product.

2. If there is no further information about the measurements from the store, you can always order a Size Check in our Warehouse: after receiving the package from the store, our warehouse staff will make the necessary measurements and send them to you (the cost of service is $9.5).
NB: if necessary, return can be made in accordance with the Return Policy of the store, where you bought the items. Return fee may apply. Please contact our support team for more details.
Exportation of all alcoholic products, tobacco products and smoking blends, as well as electronic cigarettes, hookahs, bongs, their components, accessories and any other devices for smoking.
– monetary units of the USA (banknotes, coins) of any year of issue;
– monetary units and banknotes of other countries that are currently in circulation;
– bank cards, prepaid and gift cards;
– checks, including travellers checks;
– security papers (shares, bond certificates, debt securities);
– lottery tickets;
– silver, gold, platinum ore and/or ingots;
– non-cut precious stones;
– loose precious and semi-precious stones, being no part of ready jewelry
Any medications under regulation of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the USA sold on the basis of recipe and/or without it (OTC). Food additives and vitamins, in case they:

– arrived to the store from other countries. All medications and food additives shall be properly registered and certified in accordance with the FDA regulations;
– have no English name on their boxes;
– have damaged or opened boxes upon arriving to the store;
– do not comply with the FDA Labeling Guidelines;
– contain ingredients not approved by FDA.

– Goods belonging to the category of battlefield equipment, products of military or tactical character, firing, cold, traumatic and civil arms, as well as products constructively similar to them. (Including rifles, shoulder arms, pistols and other firing arms and spare parts; Arms for airsoft and paintball, as well as spare parts for them; Replicas, collection items representing firing and cold arms; Ceramic and lockable knives having their blades longer than 9 cm (except for kitchen knives), as well as hunting knives and any other ones, including those of military and tactical character; Swords (including those for training), Japanese swords, court swords, machetes; Crossbows, bows (including dismantled products and their components), arrows, pikes; Harpoon guns; Bayonets and bayonet holders.)

– Incapacitation guns (including gas pistols, pistols with gun bullets and other non-lethal weapons, electric shockers; Pepper sprays; Dusters of any kinds and products similar to them; Rods, batons; Metal handcuffs and plastic means of fixation)
– Spare parts, components and accessories for weapons (magazine chargers, cartridges, bullets, shells and other armament, including neutralized ones; Equipment for production of bullets, recharging etc.; Gunpowder; Clubs, barrels, firing pins, striking pins, joint pins, upper and lower bolts, braces and stands for rifles, trigger housing, firing cocks etc.;
Rear sights, including laser, collimating ones, telescope sight reticles and other aiming devices; Night vision devices; Guiding mechanisms, object finders;
Cases for weapons, belts, cartridge belts)
– Army outfit and camouflage uniform, uniforms of security service, military style clothes (Army uniform, as well as other objects and outfit made according to the state order for army and service regiments (mugs, plates, C-rations, survival kit, backpacks, tents etc.; Uniform for police and other services; Helmets, basin hats, service caps and other headwear of military and tactical character; Body armor/Kevlar, including armored jackets, plates etc.;
Camouflage suits and their parts (including those for hunting, ghillie suits); Vests and backpacks with cartridge belts and sections for ammunition; Gas masks, respirators and their components, filters; Items of military outfit of the past years, historical items and collectible exhibits (including those from the World War II); Badges and insignia: original medals, orders, chevrons etc.)
– Military and tactical training aids and manuals (Training aids for military and special forces in the form of books, magazines, video and audio materials)

Some products might be classified as products dangerous for transportation or requiring special transportation conditions. The list offered below could be used for information purposes, but shall not be considered full and exhaustive, and many substances might enter other classifications depending on their ingredients.

Radioactive materials, including irradiating devices and equipment; Poisonous and intoxicating substances; Any biological substances and combinations, infected and pathogenic substances, specimens and samples; Tear gas; Laboratory chemical reagents and combinations: corrosion active substances, alkali solutions and other combinations with strong basis; Chemicals used in agriculture: herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides etc.; Oxidizers; Chemical sources of oxygen, oxygen masks and generators; Nitrates and nitrites; hydric peroxide, coal and absorbent coal, potassium permanganate, potassium hypermanganate.
Explosion-hazardous and highly inflammable materials and substances dangerous for transportation:
Explosive cords, detonating caps, squibs, detonators, incendiary charges and spark plugs; Fireworks, rockets; Ignition devices, rocket engines; Lighters with fuel, matches; Fire extinguishers, filled-up balloons for aqualung etc. Individual rations containing means for heating.

Preparations and substances, circulation of which shall be controlled by state authorities, as well as prohibited substances, including narcotic drugs, marijuana, hashish and psychotropic drugs:

Any unidentified powders, liquids and tablets;
Pharmaceutical and chemical substances and agents;
Synthetic marijuana, grass for smoking and suffimen.

TOTABOX does not accept for shipping electronic devices and their components if they need exportation license from Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) of the Ministry of Trade of USA or from Directorate of Defence Trade Controls (DDTC) of US State Department.
The following types of electronic devices and components used in military, commercial and other non-civil purposes shall not be sent out from the USA:

Integrated microcircuits and processors of industrial and military purpose;
Microprocessor integrated circuits, microcontrollers and similar components;
Satellite phones;
Industrial laptops – Toughbooks;
Field versions of computer complexes;
High power network devices of industrial grade (servers, routers etc.);
Any electronics applied in defense industry;
High-technology encryption devices;
Robotic technologies of industrial or military purpose;
Devices of biometrical identification;
Radars, sonars and high-precision GPS;
High-technology communication devices;
Hidden surveillance cameras;
Small microphones and other surveillance means.

Batteries and accumulators of any kind shall not be accepted for shipment in case they are damaged, leak, their packaging does not comply with packaging standards for dangerous products. Such products shall be recycled upon receiving them at the store.
Dry ice;
Biological substances and combinations;
Laboratory reagents;
Live bait;
Green coffee;
Frozen products and semi-finished products;
Any short-life products requiring refrigerating equipment for keeping separate temperature regime.
Stuffed animals;
Horns, bones, claws, hair, fur, skins, teeth;
Skins of snakes, alligators, lizards and other reptiles;
Fish skin, shark teeth, bones and gristles, caviar, milt, tiny fish;
Bird feathers;
Corals, shells, finger fish, sea urchins and other samples of sea fauna;
Natural pearls, including pearls as parts of watches, jewelry, music instruments etc.
Seeds, plants, soil/ground and other agricultural crops.
TOTABOX shall not accept for shipping professional medical equipment, if for importation/exportation it requires doctor’s license or medical license. Professional medical equipment includes:

– dentist equipment and raw materials (e.g. dental drilling machines and drills for them, raw materials for teeth filling etc.);
– veterinary utilities and materials (e.g. surgical devices for animals);
– medical equipment and raw materials (e.g. syringes, needles, surgical instruments).

Shipping of cultural values and works of art requiring mandatory certification of the Ministry of Culture shall not be accepted for shipping abroad.
Mineral and organic fertilizers;
Paints, varnishes, stains, solvents;
Acetone, means for varnish removal;
Any sprays, including hair lacquer, anti-insect sprays, shaving crème in cartridges and any other containers with gas, including CO2 cartridges;
Glues and adhesive substances;
Colorants, including hair dyes;
Window and kitchen surface cleaners, stove cleaners and means for pipe cleaning;
Anti-icing fluid;
Antibacterial hand gel containing alcohol;
Kits for aquarium waters;
Large and powerful magnets;
Lead-acid batteries/accumulators;
Safety bags, pumps;
Products under pressure (containers etc.)
TOTABOX shall not accept for shipping any proven “pirated”, including films, CD and DVD disks, software, electronics, clothes, bags and wallets, sunglasses etc. In case such products are found at the store they shall be confiscated and destroyed!
TOTABOX shall not accept for shipment any products and/or information on printed, audio- and visual or any other media that aim propagation of Nazi emblems and symbols, or emblems and symbols similar to Nazi emblems and symbols to the extent of confusion.
Such products include:

Magazines, books, videodisks;
Coins, medals, badges;
Clothes, hattery.

Video materials and films rated NC-17;
Posters, magazines, books and other materials with pornographic content;
Any materials with erotic content picturing under-aged.
Industrial laptops (toughbooks) and tablets;
Drones and quadcopters, as well as similar flying machines with the working radius over 200 m and priced over $500
Products belonging to the country or the states are prohibited for exportation from the USA. For example, automotive plates, issued by the state are given to USA citizens for temporary use. Shipping them abroad is an offence.

Some products, their components and accessories being special developments are prohibited for exportation. For instance:
Parts of planes, aviation equipment (gyroscopes, accelerometers);
Rocket and space production, engines;
Telecommunication, engineering and technical safety means using high-technology encryption and decryption algorithms;
High-power lasers and sensors;
Equipment for raw materials production and processing (e.g., pressure-controlling valves, pumps and pipes).
Drones and quadcopters, as well as similar flying machines with the working radius over 200 m and priced over $500.
Human organs and/or tissues, blood and its components, human and animal embryos, human remains;
Any unidentified materials, powders, containers with fluid or gas substances with no labels and/or data concerning names and manufacturers;
Printed photos of unknown authorship with no author rights references; photo negatives.
Daily, medical and other waste.


do-it-yourself orders

To place a Mail Forwarding order, you will need to register on the TotaBox website, navigate to the home page of your personal account, and click on ‘Show delivery address in the United States’ button.

The address and telephone number that will be assigned to you in the process, you can use as the Delivery Address (Shipping Address) when placing orders in US stores.

If you are placing orders by yourself, you pay directly to the store. TotaBox receives your parcel and forwards it to the specified address (if necessary, several packages can be combined into one).

Even if a store does not deliver to mailboxes (‘We do not deliver to PO Boxes’), you can still place an order using the TotaBox address.

The warehouse address that is provided to you is NOT a mailbox, so you can use it to place an order.

In this case, you can place an order through the manager (<b>Assisted Order</b>). With rare exceptions, managers are able to buy for you the goods you need, even if such order has been canceled before.
In such case when a store requests you to contact them on the phone to confirm the order, and you need help, please contact us at info@totabox.com with detailed description of the problem and a copy of a letter from the store. Our managers will contact the store and complete the confirmation process for you.

Standard fee for the confirmation service is $14.50.

Some shops block access to their websites depending on the address of the computer from which you are trying to access. To temporarily change the address of your computer network and to use an American IP address needed to place an order, you can use a free browser extension for Chrome – ZenMate.

How to use it:
  1. Make sure that you have Google Chrome browser installed on your computer, or install it from Google (free)
  2. Launch Google Chrome and install the extension called ZenMate (free)
  3. On the webpage, that opens afterwards, enter your contact email address.
  4. At the top bar of the browser a ZenMate icon will appear (green shield). When clicked, it can adjust the temporary address of your computer.
  5. Specify as a Public Location any address in the United States and proceed to shopping / placing an order.
Using ZenMate extension is free and will allow you to see those prices and products as do the visitors from the United States.
1. The fee for placing an order through the manager is 25% from the total price of the order (with a minimum fee of $19.95 per store).
To get an instant quote, add the items you are interested in by clicking the “Add to Order” in your account.
2. Once the order is delivered to our warehouse and prepared for a dispatch, you would need to pay its shipping cost based on the weight of the package.
Shipping cost within the United States depends on the store where you place your order. Very often, there is free shipping available, in other cases it is based on the order total.

If you do not know the shipping cost, leave this field blank. When placing an order in the store, the manager will add the required shipping cost to your order.

Total delivery time consists of the time of delivery within the United States and the time taken to deliver the goods from the USA to you.
  1. Delivery time within the United States depends on the store and the chosen delivery method. Average delivery within the United States takes 4-5 business days.
  2. Delivery time from the United States to you is approximately 5-10 business days.
In general, it is possible to receive your order within 2-3 weeks.
In case when personal communication with the store is required before, or after placing an order, you can use the services of TotaBox managers, who will most promptly and professionally get it touch with representatives of the store to get the relevant information on your behalf.

  1. Pre-sales assistance often includes help in finding and selecting the model, size, and some general information about the goods as well as help in placing the order online.
  2. After-sales assistance includes, but not limited to: information on the order status, payment and address verification, store inquiries, and others.

Consultants are paid depending on the complexity of the issue and the time it takes to resolve it. Time is calculated in blocks of 15 minutes. Most of the issues are resolved within a 15-minute block; however, in some cases a more detailed approach to the question may be required – if this is the case, your consultant will inform you in advance.

All of these services are available both when ordering via a manager (Assisted Order), or by yourself (Mail Forwarding). Both pre and post-sales assistance is included in the Assisted Order processing fee.

Quality Check of goods includes a visual inspection for compliance with the description of the goods (for clothes – name, color, size, and for technical goods – basic operations to switch on/off). In addition, it is possible to request measurements of goods to be taken (measuring insole/outsole for footwear, or waist/hips, etc. for clothing).

  1. Quality Check is not intended to assess the quality of the goods, materials, or its authenticity.
  2. For electronics and computers relevant statements describing components and software are not checked.
  3. If the packaging does not allow verification of its contents, Quality Check will bot be completed. Quality Check fee in this case is returned to the client’s account.
Using this option, you can check the quality and appearance of the products before they leave our warehouse. Within a few hours of the parcel’s arrival to the warehouse in the United States, you will receive 3-10 photos of each product, for which this service is requested.

This will allow you to verify that the product meets the store description as well as your expectations, and if necessary, request a refund or exchange witout paying for shipment from the United States.

In the rainy or snowy season an enhanced packaging is always in high demand. Such packaging allows you to not only provide additional safety for all your purchases, but to protect shipment from moisture with a special protective coating, designed for the shipment of goods in periods of high probability of precipitation.

Weatherproof packaging is not mandatory, but is recommended for use during the period of rain or snow – from September to April.

Delivery by USPS, offered by TotaBox, is one of the most reliable and efficient ways of receiving goods from the United States. However, there is always a probability of an accident occurrence. To fully protect the interests of customers, TotaBox offers a unique service – Extended Insurance.

Extended Insurance – is the maximum reliability for your orders.
Extended Insurance protects the customer in case the package sent from the United States has not been delivered to your address.

  1. 100% protection. After the postal service recognizes the parcel as lost, you will receive the full refund of the purchase price of the lost goods, including shipping fees for delivery from the United States.
  2. Processing Free reimbursement. Processing fee is credited to the customer’s account and can be used to pay for subsequent orders.
  3. Prompt refund. You will receive the refund within 45 days from the receipt of confirmation from the United States Postal Service that the package is recognized as a lost.

TotaBox will also prepare and complete all paperwork required to obtain insurance, and the work with the United States Postal Service to initiate the inquiry.

The price of extended insurance depends on the price of the goods in order. The maximum insurable value of a parcel is $5,000 (but not more than the value of the goods specified in the customs’ declaration).

The insured value of the goods, for which there was no Extended Insurance was purchased is $100, and compensation for them is processed in accordance with the terms and conditions for the reimbursement of the United States Postal Service.

TOTABOX offers free storage for all incoming shipments during the first 30 days. After 30 days, customers are charged long term storage fee ($5 per package per week).

If there is no activity on the account during 6 months, customer doesn’t respond to our inquiries and storage fee is not paid, we consider such packages to be abandoned and transfer them to the local donation center.

We deliver to all destinations worldwide. Please check the list of specific countries and regulations here.
The maximum size and weight depend on the selected shipping method and the country of delivery.

Weight limit for most countries using Priority Mail Express is 70 lbs (31 kg).

Size limits:
Maximum height = 152 cm (60 inches);
Maximum height + girth = 274 cm (108 inches).
Girth of the package = (width + length) * 2

Weight limit for most countries using Priority Mail is 44 lbs (19 kg).

For more information on shipping regulations, please visit the website of US Postal Service.

Shipping cost depends on your choice of delivery method and the weight of the package; to get an instant quote, please use the cost-calculator located on the main page of your personal TotaBox account.
Delivery time from the US is approximately 5-10 working days.
Before the parcel is sent from the USA you will be able to complete the customs declaration and make any changes where necessary.

In the customs declaration you specify the value of items, which in some cases may differ from the price of the goods in the store.

No payment is required to start working with TotaBox. Your further steps depend on the order type you selected:

1.   If you are using Mail Forwarding order, then payment is required only after the warehouse has received all of your orders and the consolidated shipment is ready for dispatch.

Before your order leaves the warehouse, you’ll need to pay the cost of its delivery, as well as additional warehouse services, if such were used.

2. If you are ordering through the manager (Assisted Order), payment is due after you add all items into your account.

    • Our managers will place your order right after the payment has been received.
    • Items that you keep in the ‘Unpaid’ section of your personal account are not being processed by the managers and you won’t be charges for those, unless you click “Submit Payment” button and complete payment. (After payment is completed, items will change their status to ‘Paid’.)
You can choose any of the following options:
  1. Credit or Debit card online (including payment through PayPal)
  2. Bank Transfer in USD to the US bank account

To make payment, please register and go to the Wallet section of your personal account.

To receive your invoice, go to the “Wallet” section of the your TotaBox account. The system will generate an invoice for you, along with the details for a particular method of payment you have chosen.
  1. We are invoicing in USD, so if your payment is done in USD as well, there is no conversion.
  2. Otherwise, if the payment is done in another currency, the conversion rate will depend on your chosen method of payment.
    • If payment is done using a credit/debit card in your local currency, then your bank will set the conversion rate.