About Us


totabox – is a great way to shop in u.s. online stores
for all people living outside of the united states.

Who uses TotaBox

  • You are located in Europe, Asia, Australia, etc.
  • You need to buy clothing, toys, small electronics or other goods.
  • But these items are not available where you live or cost more.
    SO you decide to buy it online in U.S.

When is TotaBox used

  • when an online store does’t ship to your place of living;
  • when a store doesn’t accept your payment;
  • when you want to consolidate several shipments into one to save tons of money on shipping.


  • You register on the Totabox website and get a FREE U.S. shipping address, which you use to place orders without paying any processing fees;
  • All your orders TotaBox combines into a single shipment and sends to you – anywhere worldwide;
  • In few days the package is at your doorstep.


  • If you want to save time or need help placing an order, our experienced specialists will prepare and place the order for you.
  • Read more about both options on our home page.


Our customers buy shoes & clothing, books, small electronics and hundreds of other costumer products from over 500 various online stores – both large national retailers as well as small family-operated stores. There are no limits for your shopping adventures.
Our customers can shop all by themselves to be able to enjoy all our services for FREE or they can use the skills and expertise of our professional shoppers to save time and get harder to find items online. All types of purchases can be combined into a single shipment, which allows them to bring shipping expenses to minimum.
All our customers purchases – big or small – arrive to our state of the art warehousing facilities equipped with the automated inventory control system. Within several hours they can be professionally and securely packed and shipped abroad using shipping materials designed for the most extreme weather conditions and long haul deliveries.
We’ve built upon proven shipping & logistics methods to make delivery to almost any location worldwide easy and affordable. In doing so, we are helping consumers and business buyers in 106 countries to receive and enjoy their purchases as fast as possible.